Monday, September 23, 2013

Cash Back on Closing is still around

I thought this was gone from the Toronto Real Estate Market;  You cannot use this as part of your closing disbursements but it is there for certain buyers who are doing a 95% down and getting the 5% back after closing.  

You need to have and front all the deposits, expenses and fees related to your purchase  for 60 - 90 days prior to the closing.  

Cash back mortgage product
Did you know that Cash Back is available on 2 - 10 year term up to a system maximum of $35,000. Cash Back amounts set as follows:

 System Maximum
  2 years
  3 years
  4 years
  5 years
  6 years
  7 years
 10 years

Money is deposited into clients account the next day after activation and might be spend as clients wish; maybe they want to make small renovations, buy new appliances, pay out some debts, pre pay the mortgage or simply have some extra money in their account. 

Rates: My best rate: 2.99% for 3y fixed; Variable 2.6% (see attachment)

From Td Economics:

·         The housing market has proven more resilient in 2013 than we had anticipated. The outperformance has been particularly notable on the price side.
·         The recent strength in Canadian housing needs to be kept in perspective. Sales are still well below historical peak levels. Four rounds of insured mortgage rule tightening have worked to temper home sales, which are still 11% below the peak reached in late 2009.
·         After Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz gave an economic pep talk on Wednesday, U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke killed the buzz by not beginning the widely expected “taper” of its asset purchases

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